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Uplifted Legs Horse/Standing Horse/Rearing Horse Tableware Showpiece | Home Decor | Centre Piece | Metal Decor (Dimension 9×3.5×10.5 Inches)(Weight – 611.2 Gram) {Aluminium, Gold} Handmade by skilled artisan, Premium Quality! SKU- GD-11



  • A Standing Horse is a representation or Victory, Fame and Elegance. Use this piece to decorative or gift to someone you think resonates with the magnum of such characteristics.

  • Traditional Design Very appealing and Eye Catching. This product is 100% handmade by skilled Artisans.

  • Enhance the decor value of the temple, house, office, hotel, etc. Great for gifting during weddings, anniversaries, house warming ceremonies, new venture, award ceremonies etc.

  • The classically designed statue is just perfect to station at home & office and also to gift someone special.

  • Care Instruction - Don't wash, use dry/wet cotton cloth to remove dirt.


Product Description

Our Standing Horse metal sculpture is a salute from our artisans to all that a horse and its spirit symbolises. Not only this statue makes a great looking decor for your living room or office cabin but also confirms your belief in strength, and the will to move forward in life. Symbolic and very meaningful. Use it as a centrepiece, showpiece or simply at your desk.Premium Quality Handcrafted 100% Solid White Metal Decorative Uplifted Legs Horse/ Standing Horse/ Rearing Horse Tableware Showpiece The product is designed and produced in India. Inspired by the roots of India we strive with a mission to Design for Life with our exclusive designer products with the only goal to delight you on the Birthday, Anniversary and other Special Occasions. A Standing Horse is a representation or Victory, Fame and Elegance. Use this piece to decorative or gift to someone you think resonates with the magnum of such characteristics. Material: White Metal Package Contains: 1 White metal Horse Showpiece Figurine. Product Care: Do not clean with harsh chemicals Dimensions : Length: 4 inches (10.50 cm) , Width: 8.00 inches (20.50 cm) , Height: 10.00 inches (25.50cm) This product is 100% handmade by skilled Artisans. We support Artisans and want to conserve the arts & crafts of old times.

Handmade Natural Horn Comb of Hair/Health Care Hair Comb Hairdressing Comb (Dimension 7.8 X 7.8 cm)


  • SKU- Hair Comb-4

  • Great for every day hair care; cattle horn is a wonderful, alive material that can serve a variety of uses.

  • In a comfortable size, this comb can easily be handled and effortlessly stored in any purse or pocket.

  • Not only is this a beautiful comb, but each one is unique in its coloration. No Static & No Tangling Hair. Smooth and Comfort. Anti-static and stimulates the scalp.

  • For maintenance, rinse with water; towel blot to remove excess moisture and air dry completely at room temperature.

Hair comb


  • Unlike Plastic and Wood Beard Comb Does Not Produce Static Electricity
  • Wood Bristles Decrease Breakage and Damage to the Men's Hair
  • Our beard growth comb is easier on the Scalp than Metal & Plastic
  • Prevents Your Hair From Drying Out by Evenly Distributing Oil From the Skin to Your Hair
  • Multiple Bristle Sizes Provide Suitability For All Beard Styles. Grow a beard with pleasure
  • Lightweight; Yet Rugged Construction Allows for Use On-The-Go

hair comb is manufactured with premium material. Smooth comb teeth configuration protects your hair from tangling and offers comfortable massage experience for your scalp, which can help to stimulate blood circulation and relieve the headache.

Our Combs are handmade and saw-cut with rounded teeth, made to spread the naturally occurring oils from your scalp to the rest of your hair. This maintains your hair's natural look and improving the quality off your daily care routine.

  • Made in India products
  • Our wooden handicraft product Are environment friendly

Stone Look Design Resin Coaster for Drinks, Coffee, Tea- Natural Water Absorbent, Unique Table Coaster Set (Set of 4)

  • STONE LOOK COASTER AMAZING DESIGN - set of 4 pcs Unique style absorbent coasters, fashionable and eye-catching, each one is so beautiful that they can be decorations in your home and office, every friend to your home or office will praise them. Coasters are one of a kind. Every piece of these coasters has unique but natural ripple effect. These coasters are cut from natural Agate Stone by hand which makes each piece unique in structure and size.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY & MULTI-FUNCTIONAL TABLEWARE - They can be used as home decor, barware set, bar service mat, bartender supplies or Table pad. Stay put and Look Nice. Creative Square Patterns: Unique coasters of 4 sections with irregular edges for aesthetic decoration, brings fantastic look, shows your unique taste.
  • SUITABLE SIZE EASY TO CLEAN : To clean, wipe with a soft damp cloth to clean and preserve their beauty. These can be wiped clean and protect your furniture from scratch and stains.
  • Modern Style -These classy coasters are sure to attract your guests' interest and will definitely complement a contemporary home decor. These are not just cool looking coasters, they are also great work of art.
  • PERFECT GIFT - The best coasters, durable in material, absorbent, perfect protection, beautiful design, attractive style, perfect gift for family and friends.We provides classy products that can add a elegant look in your Home Decor. Make attractive look of Your home and decor through a range of most dazzling and exquisite Products.

Product Description

Look no further for great coasters that go with your modern home decor to be enjoyed and noticed by your friends and family!

What's included
Sets of 4 of artistic design which are each 4 inches in diameter and 0.3 inches in thickness for durability.

Absorbent water protection with UV Ink technology
Avoid water rings created from drink condensation or spills with the special stone material the instantly absorbs coffee, tea, water, and other beverages

Modern Style
These classy artsy coasters are sure to attract your guests' interest and will definitely compliment a contemporary home decor.
Unique design that is the perfect housewarming gift for women, men, mothers, fathers, spouses or a friend.

Help the environment.

These table coasters are reusable and environmentally friendly compared to the other rubber, silicon, felt,    plastic or other disposable products.


  • SIZE- 11 INCHES 

  • Smooth and rounded edges helps slide your foot easily into your shoe

  • Hole for Hanging - Fits Easily in The Suitcase for Traveling - Perfect for Traveling and Storage closure

  • Wide Mouth to Help Slip Into Your Shoes With Ease

  • Why this such a great product? - When our father grow old, he may have difficulty bending down, or putting on shoes with his strong hands; this shoehorn will help him put on his shoes without obstacles and experience a better life!

  • Durable hanging Strap allows for easy storage of shoe horn and hang on your coat rack or any storage hook.

  • It applies to home , office and travel.

  • unisex shoe horn is classic shoe horn

  • Having perfect grip for legs heel and comfort while using it

  • Care Instructions: Keep away from extreme heat and corrosive liquids to avoid any form of damage.

Product Description

Ergonomically curved to fit in all footware

These shoe spoons are gently curved to slide into all types of footwear, sneakers, training shoes, tight boots, dress shoes and much more

Sturdy Heavy Duty Shoehorn

Our shoe spoons are made of natural horn, well constructed to withstand heavy uses. Great shoe horn for seniors or anyone with mobility issues that can use a boost in putting on their shoes.

Shoehorn (sometimes called a shoehorn, shoehorn, slippers, or shoe sole) is a tool with a short handle that tapers into a longer, spoon-shaped head designed to hold against inside the shoe. a tight fit. Shoe so that a person can easily slide the heel down the sink to the insole. The shoe risers have the same basic shape, but the length or strength of the handle varies. Long-handled shoehorns are needed for longer boots, while shoehorns with sturdy handles are useful for putting on heavy iron boots or shoes. People who wish to reduce stress or flexion due to less flexible joints sometimes use them.

Hair Detangling Comb, Wide Teeth for Long Thick Curly Wavy Hair. Hair Detangler Comb for Wet and Dry. Hand Polished Imitation Sku - COMB-1


·       Our hairdressing comb is made of 100% buffalo horn, transparent and thick, with special texture, well polished, smooth and seamless. (Each comb is slightly different)

·       Effortlessly detangles natural, thick, wavy and curly hair. Long-term wear adds shine, volume and improves hair texture, reduces hair loss, hair breakage and eliminates dandruff.

·       Unlike the plastic comb, the ox horn comb does not catch the hair or damage the hairline, with anti-static, promote head blood circulation and other health care functions.

·       The ergonomic design of the handle makes it easy and comfortable to grip while combing your hair. Nice and durable fine toothcomb for daily hair care, to keep in your purse or purse and for travel.

·       Professional quality styling comb for women's hair, also ideal as a styling comb for men's beard. A perfect gift for your family can also be given as a gift to people who have lives full of emotional appeal.

Product Description

Due to strong and long-lasting humidity, on the one hand, and dry air, on the other hand, a horn comb can become deformed. However, this does not diminish the quality and, after a water balance, it can return to its original shape. Due to excessive heat drying, direct sunlight, hot air and fireplace air can affect the comb. Please note that this is a natural product, which has a composition similar to that of hair. Think of the function of a hair hygrometer, which can measure moisture, as hair expands with moisture and contracts again when it dries. So the difference in length can give information about the humidity.


Producing a high-quality horn comb requires enormous experience. Thanks to this artist it is very stable and has an extremely long service life. Due to the rounded teeth and the cut of the base between the teeth, please note that our horn combs are gentle on both the scalp and hair.With longer hair, you can first detangle with a wide tooth comb and then continue with a fine tooth comb. The need for additional styling steps to achieve perfectly styled hair depends on the texture of each hair.

It is good to comb wet hair with a horn comb, and it can also be cleaned from time to time with water and, for example, with shampoo. However, do not let the comb stay in the water for a long time. It would be better to dry it after wet it. You can maintain and protect your horn comb by oiling it, from time to time.

The horn combs are a balm for the head and the hair. They keep it all natural, chemical free, absorbing the unnecessary part of the scalp and giving it to dry hair, especially at the ends of the hair. Whether you have thinner or oily hair, the horn standardises the natural fat content of daily use and creates shiny, healthy hair. In addition, the horned hand looms, with its anti-static feature, the hair is electrostatically charged with the hairstyle. The horn combs are gentle on the scalp and hair.

What is a horn comb?


Horn comb is a head and hair conditioner. They keep everything natural and chemical free, absorbing excess oil from the scalp and giving it to dry hair, especially around the edges. Use a fine comb.


What does buffalo horn mean?


Buffalo horns have the importance and character of increasing the evidential value. Buffalo horns have a calming meaning and nature. It is a talisman that will keep you away from destructive thoughts and negative emotions. It will give you peace and quiet in your life.


What is the buffalo horn used for?

Buffalo horn has been a rural drug for millennia that has been used to treat headaches caused by climate change, fever, and detoxification. Many modern medical studies have shown the benefits of buffalo horns.

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