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Address (Head Office) : Yadav Complex, Plot No.322, Neb Sarai Village,Opp. Tel Mill, and IGNOU ROAD, New Delhi-110068 INDIA

Karan Singh Yadav
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Branch Offices : Moradabad (U.P)

Contact Numbers : Mobile: +91- 9811179900, +91- 9811151640

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Office number- 011 - 29531962, 0091-9811151640 (K.S Yadav), 0091-9899287427 (Naveen yadav)

Year of Incorporation : 2006


Business Type : Manufacturer Exporter

Product Range : Coasters,Napkin Rings,Photo-Frames,Wall Hangings,Lamp-Shades, Candle-Lamps,Dishes,Christmas Hangings,Wooden Boxes, Horn, Pen, Bowl, Cup, Glass, Tray, Candle holder, Handle, Cupboard handle, Ash tray, Comb, Spoon, Knobs, German Silver earring, German silver Pendant, Rings, Horn Mirror, Metal Bags, Chamki Handicraft, Artificial jewellery, votive, Bathroom accessories, bar accessories and many more.

Raw Material Used : Metal, Wood, Bone, Bead, Porcelain, China clay, Horn,Fabric, Glass, Shell, MOP, Resin, plastic, Iron, seed beads, German silver, Metal and many more.

Our Strength : In-house Sampling, Exclusive & latest products.
Direct Worker : 30-40
Indirect Worker : 1000-1500

Name of Managing Director : Sudesh Yadav & NAVEEN YADAV

FOUNDER : Mr.K.S Yadav

Import/Export Code No. : 0511033591

Export Promotion Council for Handicrafts

Membership No. : 31578

PAN No. : AAACY2790A

All our products are handmade made by people of small villages in India. We help them to educate their children & improve their standard of living.

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Company Overview

Established in 2006 Yadav Impex Private Limited is the last remaining horn and born works in India. Yadav Impex Pvt. Ltd. has for decades been a prominent player in the exports of handicrafts from India. Yadav Impex Pvt. Ltd. has evolved over the years, and has grown in stature and reputation under the table stewardship of a team of dedicated professionals, led by SUDESH YADAV.

Using traditional skills we craft a large range of homeware and giftware, from natural materials, such as cow horn, rams horn. These products are distributed on a wholesale basis to a diverse range of retail outlets throughout the world, by mail order via our online store.

From last decades we are in this profession and our products are becoming very popular in Overseas Market. We believe in long term business association through quality products and personalised service.

As fashion trends change, we also accommodate these trends by innovating our samplings. These changes are fashion-inspired and hence benefit both wholesalers and retailers alike. We offer very competitive prices than others and we assure consistency in delivery schedules. Our motto is to providing the global clients with premium quality products at highly economical prices.

The company has earned a remarkable market share, owning to its integrity, reliability and complete understanding of the market dynamics. We follow hardcore professionalism in every sphere of our operation, in order to deliver the best products and services to our valued clients. The company is promoted by a team of experienced professionals having versatile knowledge of the concerned discipline.

Our product range includes:

Coasters, Napkin Rings, Photo-Frames, Wall Hangings, Lamp-Shades, Candle-Lamps, Dishes, Christmas Hangings, Wooden Boxes, Bowl, Spoon, Coaster, Mirror,
Metal Bag, Chamki handicraft, Combs, Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings, Rings and many more.........

Labour under the age of 15 years

We do not employ under age workers. Job opportunities are encouraged for under privileged women and widows.


Quality is essential to the success of any business. Success demands top quality practices and strict discipline on the part of the company. We have maintained stringent quality control checks and strict vigil is maintained at every stage of production.


We work in close co-ordination with our clients in order to deliver those perfect solutions as per their exact needs and requirements. We are well supported by a team of trained professionals to execute every operation perfectly and efficiently.

Product Care

Yadav Impex Pvt. Ltd. products have been designed to be used and appreciated, as well as to look beautiful. Remember the materials we work with are a natural, organic substance that has been living and growing for many years. By following a few simple guidelines you can keep your pieces looking as shimmering and glossy as the day you bought them – handled with the correct care these objects can last and be enjoyed for a lifetime.



Wash before first use
Remove food soon after serving
Hand wash items
Only use tepid water
Use a very mild soap
Rub gently with a soft cloth
Towel dry immediately


Never leave items soaking in water
Do not use hot or boiling water
Never place items in a microwave or dishwasher
Avoid chemicals, strong detergents, abrasive cleaning materials or scrubbers
Do not let horn-ware come in contact with sharp utensils

Additional Care (Not Bone)

From time to time your horn ware will benefit from a little extra care. Using a soft cloth sprinkled with a little vegetable oil wipe over the item in the direction of the grain. Buff using a soft lint-free cloth – this will restore the lustre and preserve the natural beauty of the horn.


Do not display bone, horn or antler in direct sunlight, under bright lights, near heat, air-conditioning units, or near windows and exterior walls. This will protect the bone from yellowing, the horn from fading and help avoid any cracking or movement. Horn is naturally grainy and has the ability to swell if exposed to too much moisture. It is wise to keep items in an environment that is dry and will not have extreme temperature changes.

Causes of Damage

Contact with the natural oils of skin or exposure to coloured materials can result in the staining or darkening of bone. Over time, exposure to the environment can also produce some darkening in bone, which can be considered a patina.

Exposure to light can discolour bone

Insects can damage horn

Extreme or rapid fluctuations in temperature and humidity cause small changes in dimensions of horn, bone, and antler, which can lead to cracking.

Liquids such as cleaning solution or even soaking in water can also cause damage.

Leaving food for extended periods may result in discoloration – especially highly acidic or salty foods such as salad dressings, vinegars, tomatoes or other fruits.

Most importantly, please use your hornware!

After all, horn products have been an integral part of daily life for centuries.
All of our products are despatched with care instructions; however should you require further information on how to care for your piece, please contact us at

Sources of Horn

Yadav Impex Pvt. Ltd. makes use of a variety of natural materials to bring you our extensive collection of items. Our raw supplies are sourced ethically from renewable resources, often recycling a ’waste’ product from the meat industry and as a result preventing it from ending up in landfill. The majority of our finished products are biodegradable and/or recyclable, making a truly ecological product.

Here we will try to explain what each material is and where it comes from

Cow Horn

Source: West Africa

Yadav Impex Pvt. Ltd. therefore uses horn from Ankole Cattle sourced as a by-product of the meat industry in Nigeria. With more space to roam their horns are left to grow, producing the very large, distinctive horns with both great length and circumference that are ideal for use in hornworking. Some are from India itself.


Horn consists of two distinct parts: a short inner core of living bone and an outer covering of horn. This outer covering is made of keratin (the same material as our nails and hair) and is more or less hollow except for the very tip.

Horns are the pointed projections, from the forehead of animals such as bison, sheep, goats and cattle; they start to grow soon after birth and continue to grow throughout the life of the animal.

Cow horn has thermoplastic properties, which means it can be softened and made malleable by heating. It can then be bent, shaped and moulded into various contours to create the wonderful horn products in our range. Un-worked cattle horn has a rough dull surface, however after sanding and polishing the horn takes on a smooth glossy appearance, it is only at this stage that its true colours appear. While cattle horn can be nearly any colour, it is generally a light creamy colour, sometimes streaked with white, brown or black patches.

Note. No two pieces will ever be the same and the colours you receive will vary from those pictured

Buffalo Horn

Source: India

Water Buffalo horns come mostly from India itself and Thailand. These horns are from the Asian buffalo, bred for domestic purposes and are widely used because the animal is not a protected species unlike its African counterpart.


Buffalo horn is made up of dense layers of fibres that have a very hard and durable surface, it resembles Cattle Horn greatly in its structure, however the walls are much thicker and more of the tip is solid.

Buffalo horn is nearly always entirely black and quite heavily ridged along the inner side curve; it is flatter and far more rectangular than cow horn. When given a high polish buffalo horn develops an extremely hard surface and has to be one of the toughest natural materials.
Yadav Impex Pvt Ltd does not use buffalo in any of its products, however as we are often asked for pieces, we do hold a small stock suitable for such things as door handles, gun butts and umbrella handles.

Cow Bone

Source: China

Yadav Impex Pvt. Ltd. uses the shinbone of domestic cattle sourced as a by-product of the Chinese meat industry. The bone is already cleaned, bleached and processed before we purchase it.


Bones are the rigid organs that form part of the skeleton of all vertebrates and are composed mainly of Calcium Carbonate. They serve to move, support, and protect the various organs of the body.

Bone is not a uniformly solid material, but has a honeycombed internal structure; this givesits rigidity making it lightweight, yet strong and hard. The hard outer layer of the bone is composed of compact bone tissue, also referred to as dense bone, so-called due to its minimal gaps and spaces. Only the very densest shinbone is used which has the thickest hard outer layer.

Bone looks similar to ivory but it is lighter in weight and usually not as white. A polished bone surface usually has small pits and what appears to be a lightly scratched surface; these are the exposed "tunnels" that permeate the bone.

The soft flowing lines and smooth milky white appearance of a bone spoon is only the start, it is soft and warm to the touch and is more resilient and durable than horn. Over a period of time bone absorbs oils from your skin and changes colour to a very light honey gold.

Rams Horn

Source: Cumbria

Yadav Impex Pvt. Ltd. sources its Rams horn locally as a by-product of the Cumbrian meat industry. The horn comes from mature Swaledale Rams, but other breeds such as Herdwick’s, Cheviots and Portland’s are sometimes used.


Rams horn is similar in structure to cow horn in that it contains a central bony core that continues to grow upward and outward from the base of the skull. The central core may extend in a taper for up to one third of the internal length of the horn.

An outer layer of keratin surrounds the core and, whilst on young rams it may be less than 3mm thick at the base, in older rams it can be up to 15mm. The shape of the horn is helical narrowing towards its tip; in cross-section it is almost a triangle.

Rams horn is usually a creamy yellow colour but occasionally can have black streaks or on rare occasions can be nearly completely black. Un-worked Ramshorn has a dull, ridged surface but once worked takes on a smooth glass like appearance.

Our Rams horn is purchased to make some of the walking sticks in our range but we stock ample raw material for craftsmen who wish to dress their own sticks, make buttons, shofarot or bowls.

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